Emissions Monitoring is another important branch of DR DAS operations. We seek to provide long term, simple to maintain solutions to entities that require emissions monitoring. DR DAS Cloud Services offers attractive and scalable prices for solutions to any size project; large, or even as small as a single logger measuring a single parameter.

As a part of DR DAS Cloud Services, we can collect data from your remote stations. If your remote stations are Envidas Ultimate, we can collect data and metadata from your loggers and provide you with a variety of interfaces for data review. If you are using one of many other loggers, we can help you collect data and some metadata elements for use in the Cloud Service. This collection can be done on a shared or individual server based on your budgetary needs and technological requirements.
If part of your project involves reporting data to EPA and / or any of several popular end users (AirNow, Environment Canada, colleges, state agencies, etc.) we can provide you with cloud based tools to ensure that your reporting is done as needed. Via FTP Import Export, we can provide feeds on a scheduled basis in more than 25 formats. With an XML Reporter installed, on demand data feeds to AQS can happen as you confirm your validated data. The XML Reporter application will support XML Schema 3.0 and a myriad of its data flows.
DR DAS can use its Cloud Services to send to you real time alerts as data is collected from your remote devices. These alerts can be sent to your email and to your cell phone (select legacy alerting systems can be supported by cloud services as well, contact DR DAS for more information).
One of the many ways that Emissions Monitoring is different from general ambient monitoring is the ownership of the data. DR DAS respects a great deal the right of the data owner to allow access to only those whom they have selected for access. For this reason, DR DAS offers password protected entry with your secure services – even if you’re required to access via a public URL.