DRDAS Reporter

DR DAS Reporter has served two purposes in our product line; it generates Re-Engineered AIRS files for Ambient Air Monitoring and it provides a custom report interface for CEMS systems. 

For Ambient Air Monitoring, DR DAS Reporter has long been used to generate RD and RB records for submission to AQS. With the new XML format being supported, use of DR DAS Reporter is gradually being phased out in favor of XML Reporter. However, because the Re-Engineered AIRS format is well documented and available in many systems, it could be considered a valuable option in data sharing. 

For CEMS, DR DAS Reporter provides an interface that allows for the generation of custom reports. Users will select from various base report types (exceedance, unit on line, etc.) and will select various elements for the report such as monitor, validation criteria, and intervals.

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