Next Gen Envista Technologies

DR DAS continues to seek out and provide solutions based on new technology. This continues the tradition of setting precedent with quality digital data acquisition with Windows PC Loggers and providing quality planning and support for cellular telemetry in ambient air quality data acquisition. The future of our supported data flows consists of leveraging the quality of new development technology to offer more attractive and usable interfaces for our clients and their data users.

Some of the technologies that Envitech and DR DAS are employing for this new generation of applications are outlined in this section.


An API (Application Programming Interface) is a common way to create scalable programming interfaces to complex data systems. The general concept behind this theory is that it is easier to document the specific system’s API rather than the more technical backend structure. For example, instead of requiring a user to know how to process data queries from complex and integrated table systems, a user of the API could simply know a basic query syntax that does the “hard work” for them.

This also has a benefit in the development of new applications and features within DR DAS and Envitech. It enables a single, simple interface to be used for a new generation of dynamic interfaces. By making this API a web-based product, it means that new applications developed with this technology immediately integrated with intranet and even internet access.

HTML5 is the de facto next version of the HTML syntax that built the internet as we experience. The previous version was certified in 1997 after seven years in development and processing. HTML5 is available for use and is slated to receive recommendation this year. Many sites are going live with HTML5 in the past year. These are generally design oriented sites that take significant advantage of the high integration of media, technology, data and various programming concepts that comprise of the HTML5 concept. Envitech and DR DAS are completing development on the HTML5 version of the Envista Web product.
JSON is a modern data/schema format technique that is easy for programmers and programs to manipulate. Because of its simple layout, people can easily read and write it – their programs can also easily process it. This means that JSON applications can be quick to process and display results on several devices. This makes JSON a desirable – and scalable – tool for development of mobile apps and web pages.