XML Reporter

XML Reporter is the name for the submission system that supports both the US EPA AQS Data Exchange and the Canadian NAPS Data Exchange.


XML Reporter is available for the US EPA AQS Data Exchange in two formats, both installed simultaneously if desired. The first format is as a desktop application that provides user ability to generate reports on demand for direct submission to AQS as XML documents. Also, XML Reporter is available in support of the Windsor Node plug-in as a web service in which case the Node Administrator initiates selections of validated data sets for insertion to the node. AQS Schema 3.0 will be available for use in XML Reporter by the end of 2014, and it will support all standard data flows, but also the metadata flows that allow for addition and modification of station and monitor information.
DR DAS has created, within the XML Reporter code set, the ability to switch from AQS Exchange Node data submissions to EC NAPS Data Exchange submissions. The formats – while similar – are in fact quite different and provide different sets of metadata to the end user group. This functionality maintains a single application that is able to be used in the US and Canada. For the EC NAPS Data Exchange, DR DAS has been responsible for both the transmission and the ingestion web service portions of the process.

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